Why some New Age Cults say Trump is a Light-Bearer sent to save us

Just when you thought the hideous willful ignorance about this man couldn’t get any worse.

What is a light-bearer? According to many new age religions there are 144,000 light-bearers incarnate at this time on earth and it’s their job to save the rest of the evolutions on the planet.

Let me start by saying that everyone I know, including myself, who has been drawn to new age religions is a usually pretty traumatized person. Luckily, for me I have found real-world solutions to healing that trauma. [1] But only after I left new age and all religion out of the equation. (Using spiritual beliefs to bypass our pain just makes us bullies for the god of our choice).

But for those who are yet escaping from their wounds into new age beliefs, the current rhetoric is that Trump, despite the foibles of his human personality, is really a Light-bearer and that Hillary Clinton is the incarnation of Joseph Stalin. With that rhetoric is the adage “we didn’t come here to save human personalities, we came to save souls.”

Perhaps it helps to understand the common profile of some of these new-agers: middle to upper class women and men who are emotionally and relationally challenged due to early childhood situations that caused them to have a hard time feeling safe in their families and life circumstances. They usually don’t have healthy boundaries nor a robust self-confidence. The religion of their childhoods never really helped them to feel better.

Because they never felt safe, most of their life stories are actually about trying to find ways to stop feeling the discomfort of their hijacked nervous systems. Their bodies were pumping out fight/flight stress hormones throughout most of their childhoods. For some it was a coping strategy to shut down and become ‘spaced out’. Some have histories of escaping through drugs or promiscuity (often hippie drugs like mdma, shrooms and pot).

New age beliefs tell them they are special, they are chosen and THAT is why they’ve felt so different all their lives. It allows their lack of capable social engagement to be viewed as a badge of honor. “Of course the unenlightened masses will think you are ‘off’ — they are reacting to your higher vibration”.

Some of these very people develop techniques to thwart having to feel and heal their wounds and then go on to become abusive leaders of new age cults or spiritual movements. (Think Bikram Choudhury, founder of Bikrim Yoga or Elizabeth Clare Prophet of the Summit Lighthouse).

And they all recognize their own kind.

Which brings us to Trump.

He is a deeply traumatized man with no conscious relationship to his own woundedness. He has a hijacked nervous system that displays itself in his extreme reactivity.

As for Hillary — she comes off as having a different type of neural wiring. She is able to keep her cool with more grace. She seems to possess the healthier human traits of being able to allow her body to complete a normal stress cycle. What I mean is she gets riled up but is able to calm down. Trump, on the other hand, gets riled up and stays up to the point he’s tweeting in the wee hours of the morning.

His proud declaration of needing very little sleep just tells me that he is in a constant state of threat. His nervous system will not idle down. As we saw from the RNC, there are all too many people who resonate with this state of hyper-vigilance. It’s not tied to reality. It’s tied to the broken nervous and endocrine systems they possess. The physiology of these people causes them to see threat every direction they look.

To Trump and his supporters, Hillary seems like a different species all together because her nervous system is not hijacked by this constant state of threat. While to the rest of us, Trump and his supporters seem like a different species because many people without traumatized bodies and minds can’t fathom what it’s like to live in that constant state of fear. The lengths one will go to in order to try to regulate that incessant level of a stress response are irrational.

What all of this means is that there is actually a solution to the shitstorm raging in our country. That answer is to bring out regulation in the physiology of the people so that they feel safe. My footnote below lists a few resources that talk about how to do that very thing.

[1] The Body Keeps Score by Bessel Vander Kolk, In An Unspoken Voice by Peter Levine, Belonging Here by Judith Blackstone