How can we live better?

Everyone wants to live and lead a good life but have we ever thought how much effort do we even bother to make so as to fulfill the purpose? Not just that but have we ever thought what our actions are driving our life to?

Focussing on the how part, we need to know the basic fundament that living better does not mean living luxuriously. We need to understand that materialistic possessions don’t count for a better living but hapiness does…

And what makes us happy is to just love ourselves. Why don’t we simply change our priorities to live? Why should it be so difficult? Instead of putting an effort to bother about what others do we could simply put the same effort to bother about what we do to be happy from heart. We must love ourselves more than anyone can and feel happy about it.We wouldn’t need a reason to smile then and our loved ones will automatically be recognised as they would be happy in your hapiness.We must let go the negative vibes and attract the positivity coming our way.

With everybody trying to be “analytical” about everything why not first analyse why we even need to have that boiling ego or jealousy or what not? Why should a friend getting a better life be a shameful thing for us?Why can’t we digest others hapiness? Why can’t we be happy about the fact that the person we know is in a good position and that is our priced possession?Is it not simple to let things go easy and we focuss on being collectively happy? I’m sure it wouldn’t make our life as difficult as we are making it now right!

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