It’s Never Too Late……..

Life is just a big , never-ending road or path( whatever you prefer). You just have to move on. There are a few words I’d like to write down, something out of my own thoughts:

‘ Life goes on and on, Leaving many people behind, It may not have a story to tell but it definitely has a lesson to teach…

What exactly am I trying to say? Well, I am trying to say that our lives are all special in their own way. We are all experienced and our experiences matter a lot… as a lesson. I know, now, that you don’t necessarily have to be an adult to be experienced. So, why don’t we make these experiences, a lesson for next generation? Give it a try, no matter if you have to admit that you failed once in your life. Someone great said “ A person who has never failed, has never learnt anything new.” All great people failed. But that isn’t what makes them great. They are great because they learnt something great, never to give up.

It wasn’t long before exam times, and I just wasn’t putting much efforts. Everything was easy when I wrote, but the results made me freak out to death. They were completely different from what I expected. It was devastating. I did mistakes in the questions I thought, I knew the best. Yes, results depend on how much efforts you put. More the effort, more the outcome, its just as simple as that. But to realise that it took me 2 years. First, I had to wait for this disappointment and then realise. It wasn’t that bad either but I was just so grieved, I didn’t get what I had expected. I know anyone would’ve realised that it was over-confidence. Sometimes, it takes better than just, feeling, you know everything. Because, we know LITTLE. But I now realise that it is never too late. Never too late, to bring a change in yourself . Probably, we must never wait for a change but be the change ourselves, because it’s never too late. Let learning be your goal and companion.

Remember, if a boat with defects is not mended then , it will kill many. In that case, boat cannot be considered evil as it cannot mend its defects. But humans can. If they don’t mend or bring a change in themselves, then their defects will drown them completely. In this case, they will be considered evil as they could mend themselves but they didn’t . They didn’t try to show the better of themselves. In the end, I’d ask everyone, not to try being as better as others are but to show yourselves, the best of you.

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