“Today, we are getting an opportunity to speak to Miss. Linda, the greatest prodigy the world has ever seen. Now, may I call her upon the stage,” said the anchor as a huge round of applause echoed through the stadium. Linda stepped onto the stage as the sound of applauses grew louder and louder. She took her place near the mike. She began to speak as the stadium fell silent, “Hello, everyone. I think you already know something about me, don’t you?” she asked as most of them replied with a ‘yes’. “Okay. Do you know that what you know about me is nothing but a good fraction of my 25 years of life?” she questioned as there was a breakthrough of whispers and murmurs. “Yes, you just know a fraction-or rather a good fraction of my life. What you all read in the biographies of mine was just that I was from a rich family, and that my childhood was a constant struggle. But, did anyone ever wonder why it was a constant struggle and how I came out of it? Yes, many of my biographers did wonder and so they asked me but I never answered to this question of theirs. I was afraid of sharing my past, I was afraid that I might stay in there forever. But today I realized, as I had been thinking about it, that I want to share my terrible moments from past because they are the ones that made me who I am today,” she said , “ So, to begin with I’ll talk about my birth which was too an unhappy one. Well, my mother hadn’t expected that a girl will come into her life. On the other hand, my dad was just fine with anyone. But when I was born, things changed. My mom, who, before my birth was as tender and soft-toned as one could be, I suppose the second after my birth was determined to not to allow me to have a comfortable life. She, I suppose, wanted me to meet the same fates as she did during her childhood. My dad was just the opposite. He loved me more than anyone else in the world, but, unlucky for me, he hardly was at home. During my entire childhood, I only saw him 10 times,” she said as most of the audience gasped in utter amazement. Linda smiled shakily as she continued,” This, till now was an unexpected birth of mine. Moving to my childhood, it was utter flop. I basically could understand, that my birth was unexpected but the way my mom treated me- huh- well I used to go into my bathroom and cry and beg the God to kill me. I was 4 when such things started to happen, just imagine 4 years old I was and I used to cry for days and nights put together. Whenever my father used to come, like, for a day, my Aunt used to lock me in my room and tell my dad that I had gone to my friend Coralink’s house. Lucky, for them, my dad never got suspicious. Even if he had been suspicious, my mom and my Aunt would’ve made a new excuse. T-The only people who were with me when I was alone in my room crying, wanting to suicide were my imaginary friends Zola and Kristoff. They were always there with me. They were a form- rather what I believed to be a fragment of me. They were the humanoid form of my thoughts as they used to tell me what I used to think semi-consciously. They helped realize that I had a dream to live up to. They helped me recover from the depression that I used to face. They, my thoughts, a part of my thoughts are the reason why I am standing here in front of you all sharing nothing but a mere fragment of self-realization from my life. Dear, friends, what I told you till now was not to let you know more about me but to make you understand the importance of self-realization in life. If you think that I merely wanted you to know more about me, then let me tell you, that the story of my life is hard to understand. There are so many phases in my life, where in I changed completely because of self-realization, that you will be tangled in there forever. Thank You,” completed Linda as the audience gave her a huge round of applause. She stood there thinking from where to where she had come just due to self-realization. She was cold from fear of her past but still she managed to get a true warm smile across her face.

Moral: Self- realization is the best form of realization as you never forget it.

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