Only Real Estate Company that offers 5 Quality Certificates

Central Park has the legacy of delivering more than what is promised. We aim to provide extraordinary experiences to our customers and firmly believe that our responsibilities don’t end, rather begin once the customers start residing at our assets. For providing smooth functioning of the services, we first ensure the credibility, safety and security of the amenities which helps us gain trust of our esteemed customers.

As another industry first, Central Park offers 5 Certifications at the time of possession. These certifications are awarded by third party agencies like JLL, DEMA who audit, verify and then certify the assets. The certifications are as follows:

1. Super Area & Escalation: What we commit in the Apartment Buyer Agreement is what we guarantee. All the terms and conditions regarding the ‘escalation charge’ are clearly mentioned in the agreement.

2. Specifications as per Apartment Buyer Agreement: The specifications we promise is what we deliver without a compromise. If it’s mentioned in the agreement, it will surely be provided to our customers.

3. Certificate for Design & Safety UPVC Glazing: The Design & Safety Certificate guarantees that UPVC glazing has been designed as per provisions prescribed in the National Building Code & Indian Standard Code IS: 875 (Part 3) for wind pressure & safety from earthquake of the intensity anticipated under Zone IV.

4. Design & Safety Certificate for Structural Stability: We have assured the structural stability for all of our buildings and the agencies have certified it accordingly.

5. Safety of Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing: To keep you free of the short circuits, leakages or any other technical issues we have settled for nothing but the best.
Through these certificates we go an extra mile in assuring our customers & the promise we make to deliver quality. At Central Park, we are happy to show what we are, and maintaining the superior quality of services is what matters the most to us!