How to achieve your most ambitious goals in Life (in 2 easy steps)!

I am a big fan of self-help books, mostly since I believe the authors and others who have dedicated years of their lives researching and observing improving behavior might know more than me about how to think about your life. However, recently I started noticing that most of the books I read were repackaging the same stuff and while reading it, I could very easily relate it to the last book I read. A few days ago, I came across another old book that I had read when I was new to the inner improvement books and to my surprise I found that this book was ALSO talking about the same stuff as in the last one.

This made me go through many books again and in the end I could really connect the dots and identify some recurring patterns through books written in 1950s up until 2018, books on healthy eating to books on how to be rich and influential. What has changed though is of course the way it is presented to make it palatable for the current generation of readers.

So the holy grail of achieving anything that you want in life is two fold

  1. Break it down to the smallest unit and start from there

Stephen Duneier explained it recently using the perfect example of showing a Brad pitt image and asking the audience if they could replicate this. There were no takers, however then he broke it down a pixel level of a gray square and asked the question again. This time everyone knew that there was no effort required in replicating a plain grey square. Now, technically if you can replicate a grey square pixel, you could replicate the complex of images! This is very important concept according to researchers since a very long time, for instance you cannot be healthy by not eating at all and gaining benefits but its a compounded effect of very small efforts you make over time, same goes with financial investments and same with habits!

2. Find a nudge

Ideally we all know how to be healthy — eat more whole and natural food; smoking is bad for us; we should invest for long term, etc. However in reality, most of us suffer from these issues — In short we are not the ideal version of ourselves or even of what we know to be true we do not necessarily follow. It has been proven and shown time and again that what can make this shift is a slight nudge towards the ideal direction. For instance, if you want to get yourself to running in the morning -> just put your shoes, and clothes ready on the table next to your bed and you have a way higher chance to going for that morning run you have been thinking about. These nudges can help you make those small efforts, which then compounded over time gives you the ideal you!



I moved to Berlin a few years ago from a town in India and love writing about how we think, make decisions, and reflect.

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