There Is One Way To Live, Not Three Not Two Just ONE

Not a potent wish list but a few more resilient dreams that came my way to be fulfilled and which were wanting to undress themselves since so long a while.

I wanted to cater all of them but could not leverage any significance as they were wavering thoughts just because I was taken away to a distant land by a fair like disaster that led my heart ablaze due to the fire and passion it caused inside. Many were wanting to lay open some wise doors that could change my life forever but just as I was unable to take the first step , I also didn’t know what was the best thing that suited interests and passions that could serve purpose, an all endearing purpose. As for those who were away and had outrageous scavenging hopes out of me lay awake days and nights thinking that I must endow to what is being said. Sorry if only I were a robot to be operated and I don’t really see means to operate ways through one specific way.

Wishing it all to happen with sudden amaze, I travelled alone to discover many unseen paths that were important to be traced before it was late to unleash the hidden chirp that resided under each rock that I thought was one. There was a magic wanting to stay awake, there were some miracles about to happen and just when I felt the life lay closed at its ends, it shone at its brightest featuring the best possible adventures that the heart had always awaited to witness. Wow, how the world screams. Just when one thing closed and switched off for temporal reasons, some did open wide to reflect life at its most spacious. This bliss is to be speculated forever, its all on us how we speak to the reflective and active side of life’s things being created by the ever working universe. Its all energy. One energy.

For love’s humility is love’s true pride. And love lies where the heart totally resides and bestrides. But it takes its own course, a course that’s tough, a course that’s restrained only for who wish to walk on it strayed to the very own corpse, and that which is as tiring as walking on the sandy deserts of the Sahara. The dancing leaves of the spring also sing song again in my heart. When the marriages begin when the hearts sing their real song, that is true spring and that is true marriage of hearts. Where the river doth take any course, and the streams doth enshrine any bouldering rocks there shall you find all the love to stay, there shall you find all the marsh to grow as a result of love that lived and die beneath all of the destruction year after year, again and again.

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