A Quick Tip on Your Click to Tweet Plugin — You Might be Doing it Wrong!

As a business owner (and search engine optimization extraordinaire I might humbly add), I blog weekly and constantly tell other business owners to blog. There is huge value in blogging and without going off on a tangent from the point of this blog, because I would never do that, I’ll recommend a few blogs to help you with the value of blogging — 3 Reasons Why You Need to Blog, Content is King and How a Blog Can Benefit your SEO should give you a good start.

Other than blogging, you clearly want other people to read them… but better yet would be to comment on them and share them. However, too often I run across blogs that you have to search to find how to comment or the sharing icons. This shouldn’t be too difficult if you have a WordPress blog because there are tons of plugins that you can use to make the comments easy to do as well as sharing plugins. And while these are so valuable, my point of this blog is a little how to on your Click to Tweet functionality.

What is a Click to Tweet

A Click to Tweet plugin is one that allows you, the blogger and small business owner, the opportunity to shout out specific text and insert the ability for those reading to tweet it. It is similar to a Twitter sharing plugin, however those plugins usually insert the name of the blog and the url. The Click to Tweet plugin gives you additional opportunity to write specific text, call to action, quotes and the like that your readers can use and/or add to… similar to this one below

Add your Twitter handle

One other thing to note in the Click to Tweet or the sharing plugins… PLEASE check the settings and ensure YOUR Twitter handle shows up. If you don’t add your Twitter handle, what happens is two things: 1 — you will never know someone shared your blog and you can’t thank them and create a dialogue and 2 — more than likely your plugin will get the recognition as they have defaulted the Twitter handle to theirs. How nice of them huh? Sure, your followers can add your Twitter handle, but ummm, you think that making your reader seek out is wise? Why would you want to make your reader work to comment or share? Duh!

Which Click to Tweet plugins to use

There are several plugins to use and which you use is completely up to you and likely the compatibility of that plugin to your WordPress site/them/version, etc. However, I have used Better Click to Tweet, but recently found TweetDis Click to Tweet Plugin and got my license. The cool thing about this plugin is that you actually have more control on how the tweet looks. It can be a box, image, quotes and more. Feel free to check it out… and please note that the later TweetDis CTT plugin is an affiliate link.

If you have any questions about my sharing plugins, CTT or how to make your blog more reader friendly, comment friendly or sharing friendly, please contact me or leave a comment below with your questions.


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