Optimize your Images before Uploading them to your Website

Don’t slow down your site with slow loading images

Who would have thought that you would need to optimize your images before you upload them to your website, right? Well, I hadn’t thought of it until earlier this year so don’t you worry, you aren’t alone. My website designer and cohort was mentioning it as part of our website build for a client of ours and charging extra to optimize all of their images. Wait, what do you mean, what are you optimizing I said, because when I think optimization, I am thinking about search engine optimization and optimizing images with alt tags and titles.

Size matters

So what she meant is the size of the images. We buy images from tons of different places and depending upon the type of file it is (ie. jpeg, png, etc), they come with various sizes and well… loading up the file as we get may be the largest file size. Or, after we add text to them, borders or our url, they might get larger at that point. Do you know the size of your images you upload to your website? Consider blogging once a month or even once a week, and how much load time that can take for larger files. How many do you have on a page and what can that do to your overall website speed.

How to optimize your images

That same web geek mentioned Tinypng.com as a website to optimize images but I found a few that were even too

Optimize your images

big to optimize there. Ugh, right? So in my searches I found BulkResizePhotos.com and that allowed me to do the same kind of thing in bulk so those two have been bookmarked on my internet favorites this year. Then, I had asked her about a plugin, heard of one called ‘WPSmush’ by WPMU Dev for WordPress sites. She said that she heard it was pretty good too, even for the free version. So, I figured hey, can’t hurt, so I added that to my site to pick up images already there and additional ‘smushing’ for images I had optimized.

So my point… check out those few FREE sites, or find some of your own, to easily optimize your images before uploading to your site and consider another plugin to optimize images already on your website. Consider how these little optimization tricks will save your load time on your computer and just your overall space.

Image changes on this blog

For example, the two images on this page were (laptop loading images) 2480×2480 (102 KB) and (ipad w images over it) 4300×3000 (2.78 MB). I then reworked the images in PicMonkey where they were changed slightly to 2628×2628 (460 MB) and 3392×2411 (1.30 MB), respectively. However, after optimizing them on TinyPNG, they were optimized back down to 2628×2628 (161 MB) and 3392×2411 (475 KB). The cool thing is that once I uploaded the images to my Media Library on my WordPress site, they were smushed further by 29.64 KB (11.2%) and 23.81 KB (6.5%). Imagine where these images started when they were ready and where they ended as they were loaded on my website. Now, imagine ALL of your images on your website and how they can affect the overall speed of your website…. You’re Welcome!

Don’t lose your audience during the website load process

Keep in mind that when users come to your website, they are visuals and like to see pictures to help understand the story or what you are explaining but when your images take up so much time for your website to process, it becomes slow. Nothing like getting to a fabulous website and everything loads slowly… Bye Felicia… you are losing your readership. You need to be sure your website is readable but also loads fast enough. We only have so much time to capture our audience, make sure it isn’t while your page is buffering or loading.

Hopefully this has been helpful, but if you have any questions about your website load speed, images on your website, blogging or search engine optimization, please drop a comment below or contact me with those questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


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