Low Income and College
Kevin Redick

On a recent Friday, I asked a co-worker her plans for the weekend. “Oh! After an early dinner, our family will go to the bookstore and then on Saturday, we will go to the local library for a few hours”, she replied.

Talk about teaching by doing or in management parlance, leadership by example.

I grew up in a similar household with access to books and parents reading magazines such as Time, Newsweek and the Economist (to name a few).

A few steps parents can take immediately to help prepare their children to lifelong learning (college and beyond) is:

  • Set up a library at home … with either bought books, or borrowed from the library. Buying books does not have to be expensive … find a Used Books store and load up on age-appropriate books for the whole family.
  • Set up reading time where the entire family turns off their digital distractions and spends even just an hour reading.
  • As a family go to a library in your city or any that meets your family’s needs. (Parents, if you’re unsure how to navigate your way in the library, do a dry run first … the staff at the library is usually very helpful and will direct you to the resources available to you and help you get your library card.)

Your gift of the habit to read will give your children the tools to develop critical thinking and prepare them for educational excellence.