Educators Encouraged by Governor Whitmer’s Focus on K-12 Challenges

In response to Governor Whitmer’s State of the State address tonight, educators say they are encouraged by the Governor’s continued focus on addressing the ongoing challenges schools continue to face.

“I’m happy to see the Governor continue to push not only for additional funding for K-12 schools, but for a new funding formula that ensures those resources can actually be spent on the unique needs of all of our students,” said Eve Kaltz, TCA Vice-President & Superintendent of Center Line Schools. “The legislature needs to understand the critical importance of making this change to how we fund our schools and support the Governor’s push to move us in that direction in this year’s budget.”

In addition to the Governor’s call to put an end to Michigan’s one-size-fits-all approach to K-12 funding, educators applauded her focus on Michigan’s unhelpful and unworkable 3rd grade reading law.

“We completely agree with Governor Whitmer that Michigan’s 3rd grade reading law, as written, will likely do further harm to students that instead need additional support,” said Mark Greathead, TCA President & Superintendent of Woodhaven-Brownstown Schools. “The partnership model that Governor Whitmer has unveiled is a good intermediate step to lessen the law’s potential harm, but the reality is that these retention requirements in the law are ultimately going to need to be revisited and significantly reworked or repealed outright.”

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The K-12 Alliance is the leading advocate for policies that support a stronger public education system in Michigan

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