Proposed Education Legislation Adds Barriers and Puts Student Success at Risk

The Tri-County Alliance for Public Education today released the following statement from Executive Director Robert McCann in response to proposed substitute language for House Bills 5910–5913 expected to be rushed through the House of Representatives following the package’s passage from the House Education Committee today.

“School leaders in Southeast Michigan will continue to stand ready to inform and support any effort to help our students during this unprecedented emergency. This package of bills unfortunately does little to help schools reopen and instead will create potentially unconstitutional regulations and burdens that not only risk the academic success of students but the health and safety of students and educators alike.

If the Legislature does not intend to provide schools the support they need — adequate and timely funding solutions, clarity on how student counts will be determined and flexibility on how education can be provided during this crisis — it would be more helpful for them to step aside and let educators do their jobs rather than adding new barriers to this process.

The Legislature’s priority from day one of this crisis should have been to ensure schools have a budget that was on-time and provided the funding needed to support our students. That job should have been done weeks ago and, unless it happens soon, they are jeopardizing the ability of any school district to reopen their doors this fall. It’s that simple.”

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The K-12 Alliance is the leading advocate for policies that support a stronger public education system in Michigan

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