How to Transform an IDEA into Motion Graphic Video [Infographic]

What is motion graphics video?

They are animated graphics that create an illusion of movement. In other terms, they are graphics put in motion.

Bring your content to life with the help of graphics combined with animation, voice-over, and music.

Why motion graphics video?

You want to convince your audience that what you have is the real deal. There is no better way to do that than presenting it through a motion graphic video.

It all starts with an IDEA.

Use that idea to tell a compelling story and set it in motion.

Motion graphics are the easiest and most powerful way to sell your story. And there are no limits to its use.

For instance, a general manager wants to share his experience on his recent business trip with the company and all its branches. Instead of wasting time on arranging meeting he thought “why not create a motion graphic out of the experience” and of course not forgetting to add the voice over. All he had to do was share it through an email or upload it to YouTube and share the link.

For some, it’s easier to show a process workflow through motion graphic.

CEOs use motion graphic to launch new products; marketers use it for branding their business or products, sales rep use it to communicate with customers. The applications are limited only by your imagination.

What is so cool about motion graphics is; they are cost effective.

The infographic shows you how to get started.

Here are a few examples of motion graphics designed by the team

Read a case study on a motion graphic created for one of our client, Intercall Solutions.

Motion graphics are persuasive and leaves a lasting impression.

Set your graphics in motion. Don’t limit yourself to PowerPoint, infographic, posters or banners.

Repurpose that piece of information. Tell a story and upload it on YouTube. You can easily embed them into your presentation or directly share through different media and platforms.

It starts with that idea and ends with it.That is the only limitation to motion graphics.

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