Define your writing vision and get to work. Or move on.

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Those who want to be real writers, proudly wear a writer tag everywhere they go.

Not because they write, but because they like the image it reflects.

Unfortunately, the work of a real writer is far from dreamy.

And that’s why on the large scale of words, only a small percentage of writers take their craft seriously.

And still, a lot of people call themselves writers, even if they write very little.

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Being a successful writer looks different according to who you’re asking.

It’s a personal thing, and each one of us has to define what type of writer we want to be, according to our most intimate vision. …

Move closer to yourself, not further.

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Comparing yourself to others only causes stress and damages your self-esteem.

Most often, it moves you away from who you really are.

The unique and beautiful person that you are.

No one wins at the comparison game. You look at other people’s clothes, car, house, job, money, or even small things like their hairstyle. And then you feel bad about yourself.

Why would you do that?

Seriously. Why?

Where do you fit in?

Some people compare themselves to movie stars or famous singers and have an unhealthy mix of admiration and jealousy.

I wish I were like that. Why can’t I have all those things?

Of course, you forget that those celebrities are putting on a show. It’s not real life. Yet, your feelings of inadequacy are real. …

Be your friend.

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I’m a very solitary person and like it that way. And the concept of being my own friend felt like a trivial statement void of substance. A phrase among so many others that people whip out when they run out of words.

But in reality, I learned it’s the exact opposite.

To like yourself enough means to take your needs and wants into consideration. And that’s something I wasn’t doing.

Of course, people who care support me and stand by my side — if I let them. …

Do something small for yourself today.

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It’s not easy to improve your life with COVID running rampant throughout half the world. We must learn to adapt between 4 walls.

No choice.

I’d like to be clear and say that I am specifically writing to those still in lockdown.

We follow security rules, social distancing, and all the necessary guidelines drilled in our heads.

But once you’re in lockdown and going around in circles, what happens?

Well, now is the time to turn the situation around and grasp this opportunity to improve your life.

It’s easier said than done because I found that it’s not a decision, but more of a reaction. …

Get out of your own way.

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To be a better writer, we must do away with the inner voice that continuously saps our confidence, brings on fear, and leaves us clueless about our purpose.

Most people on this planet deal with doubts and fears daily.

We make mistakes and learn from them. Hopefully.

Or we repeat them until we get it right.

It’s a human thing.

But writers are a different breed.

A bit like artists who feel apprehensive and deeply uncertain about their resilient talent.

We take two steps back before moving one step forward. A familiar dance that loops itself in a turbulent cycle.

Even famous writers have dark moments of self-doubt, but they still pursue their stories. …

A work in progress between parents and teenagers.

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Do you feel like you don’t know who your teens are anymore?

Turning small creatures into worthy humans provides countless opportunities for confrontations.

It’s an up and down journey for most parents.

The majority of young mothers devote their time instinctively to their newborns. We provide all the necessary comfort and love required for them to feel secure, and as they grow older, we keep repeating the same process.

Except we forget that the details change according to age.

That’s what I did when I had my first girl. …

Simple ways to free your limiting thoughts.

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Writers have battled in front of their blank page forever.

We’re far from the days of clay tablets, quill pens, or even the familiar sound of a clunky typewriter.

Today, technology allows for modern laptops, apps, and highly engineered gear.

But writing remains an intricate and challenging craft, nonetheless.

And we’re all at different stages of this beautiful journey.

However, everyone agrees that hard work improves our writing skills, and if we put one foot in front of the other with the belief we love what we do, then it’s all good.

Over time we get published, we get famous, we get rich, we get the glory. …

Take back your power.

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I’ve been through this thing called love enough times that when I look back, the pattern is still crystal clear.

It always starts the same way.

My eyes make contact with the most wonderful man on this planet and in a short time blissful love traps us in its net.

Our souls merged into a fusion of love.

Plans for the future laced with laughter, long talks, and endless sharing take up space during our days and nights.

Then one day, well, you know the story.

This happens, when that happens, then this happens again and so one and the bubble bursts. …

Letting go and saying goodbye.

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Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash

The sound of your tiny heartbeat wakes me up in the middle of the night.

I imagine how your small gentle hands would have softly fit into mine, and I find comfort through my tears, hoping that your soul hears my lullaby.

How could I have let you go?

Your father’s decision backed by spurts of violence and ongoing criticism left me no choice.

I know that through my silent tears, I am responsible.

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My love for you grew long before you chose me as a way into this world, and the glow in my eyes proved how much I cherished you. …

Be an idea machine

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After doing what you do in the morning, you’re all fired up to sit at your desk and get those creative juices overflowing.


But a few minutes into your work hour, your eyes wander out the window, then you check your phone, maybe skim through a few emails.

What’s happening?


I know I get distracted when I lack focus.

And I lack focus because I either I don’t know what to write about, or I’m stuck because I want my page to be perfect.

Either way, nothing’s happening.

I functioned this way for years, which needless to say does not do a writer service. …


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