Journalists that Screenshot Tweets are Trash

You know in this day and age that proper linking in the online world is a necessity. Artists have to deal with people stealing their work online and crediting it properly and now it’s spread further through tweet reaction articles.

  1. If you’re posting an online article and taking screenshots, you’re literally doing more work than necessary…
  2. Your website is 99% likely to have ads. You or the website that you write for is making money off something that’s available to the public for free. Don’t be a piece of shit and NOT link to the original poster.
  3. People want to click through to the original poster and look at their tweets if they thought it was a valid point. A journalist/writer certainly thought it was worth putting the tweet & reaction in an article, hmmmm?
  4. If there’s a chance that the tweet will get deleted, feel free to do a screenshot for prosperity. STILL USE THE ORIGINAL TWEET IN YOUR ARTICLE THOUGH (unless you’re hate-writing, there’s a whole different set of rules for that INTENTIONALLY so the original user DOESN’T get views).
  5. Wordpress has the preview image for posts. If you’re using a screenshot or collage of tweets for the header image, you still should use the embedded tweet to show that you didn’t put it in a fake tweet generator…
Anyone can make a fake tweet, journalists can be using fake tweets for all we know since you never linked to the real one…

Journalists, even if you write for a trashy blog, you gotta have some semblance of standard.

Celebrity gossip rags like and are able to use embedded tweets; Buzzfeed sources via embedded tweets and a mini link if it’s a screenshot that they took from another Twitter user? If they can do it in a 24/7 news cycle, you can too.

Here’s some links to embedding a tweet from Twitter:

If Twitter says it’s easy, it’s really easy. Just click to embed AND YOU COPY & PASTE
This took like 30 more seconds than an easy copy&paste

Journalists, don’t be an idiot.

You’re either getting paid to write, your news site has ads, and/or you’re using someone else’s words LITERALLY to pad your article.

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