10 Things About Writing I’ve Learnt On Medium

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I’ve been writing for a few years now, most of it for work and very little for personal reasons.

Now that I’ve spent half a year posting personal work on Medium, talked to other writers on the platform, learnt from their work and, hopefully, improved my own, here are a few realizations…

  1. It’s not easy!
  2. It takes time to write.
  3. Revising a draft takes longer than writing it.
  4. Conjuring a plot is the easiest part of writing. The devil is in the details!
  5. Writing funny lines is more difficult than creating serious stuff.
  6. Everyone can write, if only they’d give themselves a chance.
  7. No first draft is ever perfect, not even the first revision. Sometimes, I find things to change in my stories even after publishing.
  8. Even if I write fiction, there is some grain of truth somewhere in it. Some small obscure incident in real life that is dissected and overblown to create a story.
  9. There is no hard and fast rule on ‘how to write’ — all you need to do is jot down words, they’ll turn into sentences and paragraphs by themselves. All you need is a little time and effort.
  10. Writing about things that interest me is effortless. Writing about something I don’t like is a pain and makes me check the word count very often.

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