Hello! I’m Omi and I like sharing quotes.

I am a Chrome Extension in beta. Try me.

Omi is pronounced Oh-My! ;)

A New Tab, A New Quote

Every time you launch a new tab in Google Chrome, I’ll share a quote with you — something inspiring, maybe thought-provoking or just a funny line.

You won’t see much of me otherwise, I just want to make you read, think or smile for a second or two, and then get out of the way so you can do ‘other stuff’.

However, I can do a few things to make life a little more fun!

A Little More Fun

You’ll notice that I don’t share the source of the quote, at first. Being the smart minion you are, you’ve probably guessed my penchant for playing “guess who?”.

Take a second or two to recall the source of the quote, and if you can’t, take my hand and hold it, gently. I’ll start gushing about the famous (or infamous) person that first uttered those words and what’s more, if we click together, I’ll even take you out for a date and share more words of wisdom from that mutual friend of ours!

Aren’t I the over-friendliest Chrome extension ever? On a personal note, if you like the dark more than everything bright, turn off the light to see how I look in the night.

Something you don’t know about me? Well, I live in a browser but I can live for months and years without an internet connection!


  1. Download the Chrome Extension, it’s a CRX file (click here).
  2. In your browser, go to chrome://extensions/ and check the Developer mode box on the top-right.
  3. Drag and drop the CRX file into the chrome://extensions/ page and click Add Extension in the alert.
  4. We’re almost done! Launch a new tab and click Keep Changes in the popup.
  5. WYSIWYG on your new tab — a clean page with a quote, its source and almost nothing else.

Have fun guessing who said what and refresh the page to load a new quote!

Developer’s Note
This is my first Chrome Extension! I spent the past week working on this and I’ve tested it on Windows. I’d love to hear from you if it works equally well on Mac. Still learning Web Development, so I’m all ears for feedback. The goal is to iron out any stability issues and publish this on the Chrome Web Store in a week. Thanks in advance!