History in Hampi

A walk down memory lane…

I am in Hampi, a place I didn’t think I would love at all. Temples? Nah, not for me! But it’s not the temples, is it? It’s the architecture that bowls you over.

The beauty of each building — temple or otherwise, the scale of construction, and the years of human effort that went into it.

Take one look at the carvings on these pillars. Try to imagine the amount of work that went into sculpting it each of these pillars. How did they lift and move all these monoliths into place? Why where the kings of old fascinated with building so many temples and forts?

I spend hours atop one of the viewpoints in Hampi, trying to soak in the vast expanse of ruins and rocks all around me. There are some Royal Guest Quarters that are now just foundations — the buildings above are lost to time.

There is an underground temple that has been so poorly maintained that there is moss growing around the Shivlinga.

There is a huge statue of Lord Narasimha, who is missing his hands!

For a few minutes, it feels like I am inside some post-apocalyptic world. Crumbling rocks everywhere and not a single soul in sight!

All that is left now is whatever part of these beauties that managed to survive the ravages of time and war.

One detour — Where is the idiot that scratched something on these priceless works of our ancestors? Makes me mad!

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