Online Prosperity Workshop Case Study

Shaqir Hussyin from MOBE

Shaqir Hussyin is one of the most well-known online business coaches in the world and a top MOBE consultant.

We have worked with Shaqir to launch campaigns targeting multiple countries to drive sign-ups to his seminars via Facebook Ads. Among the regions we targeted were Hong Kong, London, and Singapore.

We had the opportunity to meet with our client in one of his seminars in Singapore, and saw a huge number of attendees to his seminar as a result of our Facebook Ads campaign. In that seminar alone, Shaqir and his team were able to generate more than $500,000 in revenue.

Landing Pages

Landing Page 1
Landing Page 2

We’ve used two main landing page designs for all of the campaigns. Based on these two landing pages, we’ve also created multiple variations with slight adjustments to suit our target audience.

All form signups were also integrated with their CRM software and Google Sheet document, with all conversions tracked via Facebook pixels and Google Analytics.

Facebook Ads Campaign

We have launched a few campaigns targeting these four locations:

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Campaign Ad Sample

The first seminar was held in Hong Kong. It was also Shaqir’s first time having an event there.

Hong Kong First Week Results

Within the first week we have received more than 500 registrations. In total, we’ve acquired almost 1000 sign-ups for the offline seminar, with cost per lead below £18.

Hong Kong Campaign Results

Approximately 400 registrants attended the seminar. According to our client, profits were approximately $500,000.


Toronto Campaign Ad Sample

A similar event was also held in Toronto. In this campaign, we managed to obtain 720 sign-ups for the seminar at under £18 per lead.

Subsequently, we ran campaigns for 2 additional seminars with similar results.

Toronto Campaign Results


Singapore Campaign Results

For the Singapore campaign, we managed to get about 900 registrants at cost per lead of £25.

Our client achieved a handsome ROI as the Singaporean market is highly susceptible to up-selling.


London Campaign Ad Sample

The campaign brought in over 400 registrants, CPA at slight above £20.

London Campaign Results

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