Just read a Jeffrey Archer work for the first time, a story titled “Caste-Off” from his short story collection “And Thereby Hangs a Tale”.

Cover Image from Goodreads

The book was gifted by a junior last year and I had avoided reading it since, for I generally avoid reading fiction unless it is Sci-Fi. Moreover, I had never read Archer before and did not want to start with one of his less acclaimed works.

While sorting through the physical books from my collection this evening, I ended up reading about this book on the Internet and got intrigued enough to read at least one short story which was based on a true incident from India.

The story reads like a Bollywood film and is one of the most beautiful short stories I have ever read. I do not want to reveal any detail here but it is perhaps the way Archer presents the narrative that a typical love story turns out to be heart-touching.

Looking forward to my next Jeffrey Archer read — Kane and Abel.

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