A Year of Showing My Work: Day 1

About a year and a half ago, I went through a major restructuring of my life. As part of that, I took some time to figure out what I really enjoy doing — what are the kinds of activities that give me energy rather than draining it away — and I realized that what I love to do is make things. Since then, I’ve tried to put those kinds of activities at the center of my life. This has all been wonderful for me, but I’ve found myself lately wanting to push it further.

When I recently re-read Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work, I decided to go for it and start sharing my work, using that platform as a way of forcing myself to make something every day. Even if it’s a small something. Even if it’s just practice.

So, I’m starting off simple. I flew home from Austin, Texas, today and I’m tired. But I want to start.

I saw this video the other day of an artist using Artline Stix Brush Markers to do ombre lettering and it looked really cool.

I’ve been playing lettering off and on for the past year or so, so I bought myself some and thought I’d try them out.

Obviously my results were nowhere near as impressive as the results in the video, but I’ll get there. It’s a place to start. Lettering like this is a little difficult for me because I have a tremor in my hands and when I try to go slow and get the movement of the pen down, everything comes out all wobbly. I did start seeing the ombre effect in the pink marker, though.

I decided to do a page of zigzags with them, too, for some more focused practice. These went a little better, and you can definitely see the effect. I think it’s that the markers themselves are really wet, so when you apply pressure, they lay down a lot of ink.

You can see how wobbly I get in this one
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