Photo by K8lynnmarie

Have you ever started a project with so much enthusiasm, then halfway through, regret even starting it in the first place?

If you’re a homeowner, you probably know exactly what I mean.

We’ve had our house for about five years and our “To-do” list is still longer than I would’ve ever imagined. This weekend we decided to tick off something from my in-law’s list. I was so excited to work outside in the sunshine and paint the exterior of my husband’s childhood home. Just like any project, it took longer and wasn’t as easy as we expected.

When I initially saw the paint color for the house, I laughed out loud.

Photo by K8lynnmarie

After applying the paint, I realized how great it actually looked with all of the plants and surroundings. My mother-in-law has quite the green thumb, and it was hard to stay on task discovering all the new blooms each day.

Photo by K8lynnmarie

Not to mention all the unexpected wildlife! We saw small brown rabbits, momma birds, frogs, bees, lizards, stray cats, spiders, and more. It was all roses and butterflies until the soreness of painting started kicking in the next day.

Photo by K8lynnmarie

Our muscles were tired in all of the weirdest places. We were sweaty, dirty, tired, and wanted to be finished painting! I began to regret offering to help my husband, and honestly, I wanted to give up. Luckily, we had tons of ice-cold water, and snacks and could go into the house to cool off if needed.
My father-in-law also kept us going by supervising us, giving us safety tips, and even sharing an old Indian trick to save the paint brushes.

On our fourth day of painting, he had to go out of town, so he left us notes on all of our supplies.

Be Supa careful
Photo by K8lynnmarie- “Be Supa careful. DANGER, could fall backwards!”

We estimated it would take us around three days to paint the house, but we finally finished on day five. The feeling of accomplishment afterward is what gets me eager to start the next project. If you’re regretting starting a project, keep going because it will be worth it in the end!

And someday, your list will be finished, and you can sit and enjoy all of your hard work.



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