The Power to Keep Moving Forward Through Difficult Times
Christopher D. Connors

Thank you for your article. I recently lost my mother and I am still in shock even though she passed in Jan of 2016. Funny thing is this year has been the biggest fight of my life. I was on disability in 2015 from a work related injury. My mom just retired May of 2015 at 65 and then she had a headache that wouldnt go away in October. I wish it was a dream but she was diagnosed with a Stage IV Glioblastoma Multiform Tumor. I tried my best to be strong and save her but the toll of lack of rest because of the strick medication schedule slowly crept up into a huge bomb of me emotionally breaking down. I tried to go back to work but th inability to focus on anything other than my mom my best friend not being here anymore and my whole family had turned their back to me because of my own diagnosis. Its now August and I am finally trying to go back to work next week but in the time I have been off I have made a point to make each day count with my son whom turned 6 in June. I was lost in my own depression I never gave him a proper birthday celebration but he has no idea I am throwing him a party the second week after school starts back up. Looking back, I wasnt off work for my work injury, God had another plan for me to be there for my mom in the last months and days of her life. I did liquidate what retirement she had and yes foolishly spent quite a bit at the local casino. But she wanted to go hit the slots everyday after her Chemo and I was not going to deny my mother my mentor my best friend anything but granting her every wish.