I Talked to the Alt-Right So You Don’t Have to
Emily Pothast

I’m not sure what is to be gained by calling Americans who denounce white supremacy as “Nazis” because they are fed up with identity politics, division and labels, and advocating shaming them (or punching them), other than further division. So I hope that people reading this WILL do their own research rather than trusting that you did it for them. Even better, I hope we can learn to LISTEN to those we have labeled and try to understand that they aren’t literally Hitler, after all.

I got curious about “Kekistan” after I saw a kek-flag carrier’s shirt that said “I love people, I hate discrimination.” I was confused as I had been told the green frog/flag was a racist symbol. Google “president of Kekistan” and you’ll see what I mean. (He’s black.) Don’t know if I can post a link,but this is helpful http://knowyourmeme.com/news/big-man-tyrone-is-the-president-of-kekistan

I do agree that outrage can be counter-productive and refusing to play into narratives is a good thing. Right winger Mike Chernovich called Antifa “marketing interns” for the new right, as they have gotten so much attention from protests. I would have preferred the tiki torch boys in Charlottesville would have attracted no attention, held their pathetic little rally in obscurity, realized they were irrelevant and gone home without killing anyone.

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