Give Your Dog the Best Obedience Training

Dogs have been the most loyal animal and time and again it has been proved by the affectionate gestures they show towards the humans who are affectionate towards them. If you have a dog at home, that means you have a kid. The tantrums, possessiveness, habits and activities are so similar to a kid who wants to grab all the attention in the house. Some of these activities may look funny and entertaining at times, but not always. Handling a dog is undeniably a herculean task. To avoid any embarrassing situation in front your neighbours or family or friends impart good obedience training that will also provide you a helping hand. Yes! If trained properly dogs can prove to be very good helping hands.

Many times you must have heard from dog owners that he/she does not come when called, unnecessarily barks, or steals food. To some extent it is because of the owners who are not able to teach their dog do’s and don’ts. To help you out from such situations K9 Dog Obedience Training operating in Sydney, Central Coast and New Castle, Australia, brings some of the best Dog Training Methods.

The working procedure includes 4 stages of training that polishes and hones the skills of your favourite buddy.

The four stages of dog training methods can be understood as follows:-

· Stage 1- Reward Base Training

Obedience training means that you dog understands the commands given by you and follow manners and etiquettes. But first of all he/she need to know what exactly a command is and what you want him/her to do. Stage 1 covers this section by providing positive reinforcement and motivation to the dog by giving rewards.

· Stage 2- Training Phase

Once the reward base training is covered and your dog starts understanding you wish and commands, the second stage trains it to follow the instructions by repetition till the activities done when given a command becomes habit.

· Stage 3- The Testing Phase

Dogs are prone to get easily distracted. But this should not become an excuse for them to miss out any command or habit. To make sure that whatever have been taught to it, has been embedded in the mind properly dog are made to undergo a proofing or testing phase.

· Stage 4- Final Stage

Most of the things are already covered by stage 3. This stage is simply a revision sort and to make you satisfied and happy that now your dog is completely trained and is a good boy/girl now, who understands what to do, how to do and when to do.

Dog Training Online If observed closely then dogs are as different from each other as we humans. They are in fact individuals in their own manner. So the training methods too are different for different canines. Some are quick learners, some are lazy, some are stubborn and some remain lost on their own thoughts, least interested in knowing what is happening around them. To be a good trainer one must first understand the nature and behaviour of the dog and accordingly proceed and devise methods to train them. This is what is well understood and followed by K9 training team and impart the training accordingly.

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