The Most Valuable Tips for Basic Obedience Training!

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Right obedience training will be a great help for both you as owner and your dog. Training your dog is the best idea to make sure you get a well behaved pet that can give you happy and enjoyable moment together. For that you should have a little knowledge about these training. A dog never responds well to negative reinforcement such as yelling and physical punishment so always choose positive over negative reinforcement is the best tips for obedience. The most important things you should remember don’t expect them to think sensibly like general human beings do.

Before you can expect your dog to complete a command, the dog must learn exactly what the command is and what is being asked? Dog obedience classes can also include training for social behavior, jumping and walking. Though Obedience training doesn’t resolve all behavior problems, but it is the base for solving just about any problem. Dog behavior can often be controlled by training and is a first step to set up the social command. There are five basic commands in Dog Obedience Training Central Coast those are: Sit, Down, Heel, Come and Stay .These classes can also be used to achieve many of your dog’s basic needs like exercise and feeling of achievement what’s expected from him for social interaction.

When applying commands to a dog training exercise it is important that the timing is precise. The command should be delivered 1second before expecting a response and correction or praise should be given no longer than 1 second after the right or wrong response. If the timing is any longer your dog many no longer associating the command with the exercise and become confused with what is expected from him.

The order in which a Dog Behaviour Training Central Coast command is applied to a well trained dog is as follows;

• Prepare yourself. This means thinking about the action you are about to ask your dog to carry out. If it is “sit” exercise you should expect him to sit when you say the command.
• Select the right command and say the command using a tone of voice and with inflection your dog is familiar with.
• Once you have applied the command let him have time to respond. This should take no longer than 1 sec.
• If he responds you should then apply either verbal or physical praise or both depending on the situation.
• If he does not respond you should apply a correction (this will be tempered to match his age, physical size and mental strength) after allowing the same time for response. You will develop an individual Dog Behaviour training Central Coast, one that suits your own physical and learning ability. The principles of training taught will always remain the same no matter which dog you work with, but they can be applied with individuality.

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