How are Belgian Malinois dogs utilized for the Benefit of Mankind?

The Malinois dog is apparently a medium to a large sized variant of the breed. It is also classified with another name which is popularly known as Belgian shepherd dog. But both the different names, ironically indicate the same breed. The name has been derived from its French origin, Malines, that represents the city of origin from where the breed did exist. They are highly used in security services and can be categorized under the group of working dogs. Belgian Malinois protection dogs for sale are easily accessed by the cops departments as they have an amazing sense to detect various kinds of odors.

These breeds can detect explosives, narcotics as well as accelerates by tracing their smell. They are thus, used for arson navigation purposes. These dogs available for sale are specifically trained to track humans who possessed a suspective apprehension in police working sources. They are also utilized in several search and rescue missions. Belgian Malinois protection dog is used by the U.S secret service for the purpose of guarding grounds of the White House.

The Malinois generally has a proportioned square structure and is believed to belong to the sheepdog family. The body of the Belgian Malinois has black markings on its body over a short mahogany coat. Talking about its appearance, it has erect ears, which are black in color along with a black muzzle. However, its appearance can vary due to its variation in ancestral breeding. The colors also vary accordingly from base color fawn to mahogany with a combination of tan. Black agouti may also exist at the inner leg, breaching or inner side. Belgian Malinois personal protection dogs for sale are particularly trained and well raised with the inherited characteristics of intelligence, friendliness, alert, protective nature as well as hard working nature.

They are always active and generally never get tired unless they suffer from some kinds of ill health, weakness or sickness. K9 Personal protection department use this breed due to their high energy levels as no other dog has a higher potential of holding energy than this particular breed. However, you cannot estimate this energy level of this breed until it reaches a minimum age of five years. Some of the Belgian Malinois has an excessive prey drive. Many of this breed is extensively playful and cheerful at a young age. Devoid of enough exercise and stimulation may lead them to develop neurotic and destructive behaviors at a later age.

Only exercise and proper training can make them appropriate for the kind of job they generally pursue. Consistent training in regard to obedience and challenging them with newer versions of tasks at regular intervals may help them to develop their high drive. Royal Australian Airforce and personal protection, as well as detection centers, usually utilize these breeds in their working lines to provide safety. A national security guard or NSG commando and the ITBP sectors include these breeds in its k9 Unit.

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