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Yes, I’m confident we all understand what it costs for a visit to the Doggy Doctor, there goes that new Taylor Made driver I’d my eyes on. The canine world is abuzz with dog health questions. Your dogs health could be costly, that’s true. The financial loss is nothing set alongside the possible lack of a much loved and treasured dog. There are lots of dog ailments out there that may really make your pet quite sick. My mom always says, Prevail K9 prevention is preferable to a cure. So lets discuss what we could do to follow along with Moms advice when it comes to our dogs health.

Potential Dog Health Problems:

There are many of dog ailments which are lurking out there. Only problem is that mister poochy cannot say, “Hey, Alpha Dog, I acquired an aching stomach “.Dogs certainly have a higher pain threshold than us, so you must be keenly alert to as soon as your closest friend is apparently acting strangely. Basically, know your dogs standard operating procedure. Then you definitely will soon see as soon as your best buddy isn’t feeling well.


Yes there are many, ears, eyes, skin and teeth can all be subjected to infection. Just apply that good old fashioned wise practice here. Keep your dogs mouth clean and brush his teeth when required with a good quality dog toothpaste. Make sure you bath your furry friend often with a quality natural dog shampoo. Brush his coat regularly and check his coat as well for any strange skin rashes or objects. Dog ear infections really are a major player in terms of infections for dogs go. Your dogs ears might be swollen, showing red spots, itchy, smelly or extruding excessive moisture. You will need to see the doggy doctor “kching $$$”, sorry. It pays to keep a great eye in your dogs cleanliness and avoid bacteria build up.


Once again, there are numerous allergies that dogs might be exposed to. Fleas are the most typical and if not treated early could lead to skin infections. There are lots of good medications to eliminate a flea problem. Food allergies are not as common, but could lead to skin problems such as hot spots or ear infections. If recognized over time you could save lots of discomfort for the pooch and money for you. It is sometimes advisable to get vet advice for dogs with allergies, as the outward symptoms are not always easily recognized.


Exactly like us, what your furry friend consumes will affect his health. Avoid giving your closest friend table scraps, “human food”, they’re not human. Pancreatic issues can arise from a diet full of excess fat or sugar rich foods. Unfortunately, if your pooch does contract diabetes, you may need to administer regular shots to maintain his health. To make certain good pet dog health, always follow a strict diet for your furry friend. There are lots of great dog foods available.

Arthritis and Dysplasia:

This issue is more common in pure breeds, but does occur through the entire canine world. Larger pure bred dogs will tend to suffer more because of the longer bones and narrow joints. Best advice here is, supplement with quality dog vitamins and minerals. Make an effort to seek vet advice for dogs with your arthritic problems so that you can record the situation of one’s dogs joints.


Just once you thought we were so different to dogs. This issue is one of the more deadly dog health symptoms. As around, too much eating and no exercise brings dog obesity to the fore quite quickly. Dog obesity itself doesn’t kill, nevertheless the resulting dog ailments related to tumors, heart failure, malfunctioning of the liver and skin disorders can all lead to the demise of your absolute best friend. These dog ailments require immediate attention when discovered or suspected. Good diet and lots of exercise for you and your four legged friend are usually good options.

In Summary:

Do yourselves, both a favour. Eat quality K9 Spray to maintain a healthy inside. Maintain a healthy outside by bathing and grooming often. Supplement with Vitamins and Minerals. Get outdoors and relieve your entire stress and your dogs stress with some healthy exercise. Select regular checkups, just to ensure nothing catches you or your dog by surprise.

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