Lie. Why do people lie? Why do we chose the latter pain? Why do we run away from the reality? Why do we lie?

Some people lie because they knew reality hurts and lying is their safe zone. And most people choose to lie so that they wont hurt anyone. They don’t want to hurt their loved ones. To see their tears of the reality. Some says they does it because the want to protect those people they loved. Because they knew the Truth will break them.

People lie because we are coward. We are afraid of what the Truth may bring. We are afraid to face the consequences of the things we’ve done. That is why as much as possible we try to cover the truth with a lie. We rather suffer the latter pain than the painful truth. We hide from the truth and take sides with the lie.

But even how much you try to cover the truth with a lie ,the truth will eventually come out. Even though you had run miles away from the truth,the truth will still catch you. Even though you have tried to erase the reality and cover it with fantasy , the reality will still gonna creep out from your window. You can run away as long as you can, you can cover it with everything but the truth will still gonna find its way to you❣

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