Women in Bitcoin and Blockchain Tech — An Opportunity
Meltem Demirors

Hi Meltem, I am the Director of The Vanbex Group. We are a professional services company that specializes in Bitcoin/Blockchain companies. Our Founder Lisa Cheng who I do not see on your list of women in bitcoin is one of the top ten experts in the world in this industry and her pedigree speaks for itself. She was dubbed as the “Wonder women of Bitcoin.” I think that your article is a bit to numbers focused and doesn’t relate to the real world of the industry. I was recently a delegate that the Me Inc. Conference for UBC students, in my talks with the students it was very clear as it usually is that almost 10 to 1 (men to women) who have even heard about bitcoin/blockchain. It has to do with the different interests that women have over men. We have been consistently hiring for multiple positions within in our company and for every 50 applications we get only 1 is from a female. I do not think that this is about sexism it is about interest. Women are less interested in bitcoin/blockchain as a whole. I do think as the industry grows more and more women will want to be involved and the numbers will be more equal as I feel that women have just as much to offer in this space as men. Lisa Cheng is a perfect example of this as I have not heard anyone in this industry have the level of understanding of where this industry has come from, where it’s going, and how to get it there. I would be happy to speak to you in more detail about this as I feel you need more education on this. I can be reached at k@vanbex.com.

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