Project 365

One thought, every day, one year. I don’t know where this journey leads, but you can follow if you want.

5-year-olds are stronger than we are.

Day 21

“Be grateful you’re not in the forest in France

Living the Dream

Forbes Internship Week 1

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” A question we’re all plagued with growing up, and even more so in the moments leading up to college when our careers could not be more ambiguous or confounded.

Professional dancer? Fashion designer? Nurse? Psychologist? English teacher? I struggled to find the balance…

Toodloo, round 2

There are a few things I know for certain at this point in my life.

I know that after a four-month hiatus, Michigan will be there to welcome me home come September. During the school year, I know what my schedule will look like every single day, mapped out in perfectly colored tiles on Google calendar. I know my best friends will be a trot across the Diag…

A Reflection of the Road

I’ve made it back home after a three week solo roadtrip on the west coast — and I am in one piece. My limbs are all still attached, my physical state is intact except for a bike scrape on my ankle. I’ve returned with all my possessions present, minus one lost hair elastic and one tube of lipstick. I would consider my sanity partially stable, and my mental health only…

An Ode to Los Angeles

I am the biggest sucker for sunsets, and California seemed to know just that.

The term “takes my breath away” has always been a cheesy one. Walking…

An Ode to San Francisco

Today I waved goodbye to San Francisco and set off for Los Angeles — the final leg of my trip. It’s hard to believe I’m about two thirds of the way through already and I only have one week left. San Francisco was definitely one of my favourite destinations so far — for the sights, the food, the people — everything.

An Ode to Portland

A few days ago, I awoke at the crack of dawn for a flight to depart Portland. Groggy-eyed and sleep deprived, I felt a kind of sadness that doesn’t usually accompany tourist goodbyes. I had only been in the city for four days, but it seemed like I was leaving some sort of permanence there, left among the muraled walls and new friends in between.

An Ode to Seattle

Yesterday, I awoke in Seattle, then fell asleep in Portland. Throughout the day, I moved down the coast from Washington into Oregon and saw a view unparalleled from any other. I watched the Pacific Ocean glide past me with swift, salty waves, and I panned upwards to see some of the tallest pines I’ve ever set eyes on. Engulfed by the vastness of the sea and the height of the…

Roadtrip 2014: Let’s go

For the next three weeks, I am embarking on a solo roadtrip down the west coast of this country. I will start in Seattle, move down to…

Hitting the Snooze before Goodbyes

There is no sensation quite like the anticipation of imminent departure.

I remember my final week at home before returning to Michigan…

Regaining Appreciation for Home

When I left for college for the first time, I departed on a “please-get-me-out-of-here,” “I’m-moving-forward-and-never-looking-back” mentality. I resided in the same city for eighteen years of my life. I suffered through the turbulence of secondary school with the same faces I was so sick of seeing. I became prematurely obsessed with the escape to a “bigger…