Missed Connection: Calligraphy Guy

I went to the art store today. I needed nice paper for prints I was making.

I strolled in with a wet jacket and shedding water off my jacket everywhere. Shoes squeaking from the puddles I had walked through to get from my car to the shop.

I always make a left after the door. It’s where all the pens and pencils and markers and ughhhh everything I want and need in my life. It’s always my first place to browse.

I hit the tower of Copic markers first. So many pretty colors! But that’s not what I’m here for.

I move on to the shelves of Micron and Staedler liner pens and oh god I need them all. Not really. I just need one. I grab a black Micron brush pen.

I turn the corner to grab more brush pens. Ahh the case of Tombow dual brush pens and Sharpies. But maybe not today.

I turn my right and round the corner. Calligraphy supplies. Do I need anything? Not really but I’ve always wanted to mess with there white bleed proof ink. I grab the bottle.

I step over to the case of calligraphy nibs. You can never have too many nibs right? I spend a good two minutes looking at every singe nib wondering what the hell I could write with them and how. I stare and aw at the nice pen holders. I don’t need one but a fresh clean one is always nice.

I hear a “hi, welcome in!” I thrned my head to the door. In walks this guy with a maroon beanie, all black New balances, pin rolled denim, and a rain jacket.

Hmm never seen him before.

Turn back to the nib case.

I hear someone walk towards me.

It’s the guy that just walked in. He looks like a San Francisco hipster. He’s good looking. Wonder what he’s in this aisle for?

He walks right up to my left to look at the Pilot calligraphy pens. Oh shit, he does calligraphy too, eh? Nice very nice.

He says excuse me and asks if he can see one of the nibs I’m standing in front of. I respond and move out of his way. I asked him if he had ever used the Pilot pen he just picked out and he said it was his first time trying. He usually just goes old school and uses nibs and pen holders. We kept talking about our fascination for the traditional ways and how there are so many things you can do with so many nibs. He mentions he’s been writing for a while. Mostly sign painting. But doing more calligraphy.

He checks his watch and he has to head out but mentions that it was nice to meet me. How nice of him.

He shakes my hand and pays. There he goes, I never got his name.

Wondering what his life story is beyond drawing letters.

SF Hipster look alike, if you’re reading this somehow…