My two cents on tonight’s Juventus vs Barcelona match

Juventus tonight showed the world how there are so many ways to win a football match. It was a tactical masterclass. Not every team can play a match with 60–70 percent of possession everytime. Not every team possesses players so good with the ball like Messi, Iniesta, or Neymar. But many people never realize that defending is also an art. Juventus played this game perfectly. They know when or where to press Barcelona. Cuadrado and Mandzukic in particular were superb in helping their fullbacks contain both Neymar and Messi. Higuain roamed behind Dybala, and Dybala himself scored two beautiful goals. And why the heck was Mascherano marking Chiellini for the third goal? Also, Ronaldinho is a much more delightful footballer to watch than Messi. He always plays with a smile on his face, despite all the pressing and tackling toward him. Messi tonight played with such an angry face, like a spoiled kid. And how about that Buffon save from Iniesta right before Juventus’ second goal? It was world class. Hopefully Juventus will not make the same mistake PSG did, although I find it hard to believe this team would concede 4 goals from any team.