A short summary about the Libyan book outrage

What’s the worse that can happen it’s just a book?

people posing for a photo in front of the zawia book club
This is a screenshot from a Libyan fb page that says: “ this book has shook Facebook, and honestly it shook the earth from all the bad language that’s in it, and I am embarassed” the words highlighted in pink say” she was wearing tight jeans”
The writer, Najla Wheba states that she wishes the critisim was directed at something she created, instead of something she had no part in. She warns about judging people without knowing the truth, she asks people to learn from their mistakes.
Facebook responded to my reporting and removed the post
A video of a militia interogating the workers at the place that hosted the book signing. He talks about how the book was distributed in Tripoli and Benghazi. Apparently the books were all confiscated and burned.

The Benghazi “Earth hour” incident that happened a few months ago was also a frightening sign that Libya is headed away from a civil state into a more restricted scenario. Increasingly, online hate comments are endangering people’s lives on the ground. Two women who were photographed in the event were targeted by extremists and subjected to terrible harassment online and offline.

Who knows what the future will look like?

“Fahrenheit 451 “and “The Handmaid’s Tale”

For more on the topic read Pen.org’s article Libya: fears for safety of writers and editors over literary collection




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