I am always lonely.

When I wake up I never see anybody around me.

Sometimes I think I’m going crazy.

Maybe I am already crazy.

I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Nobody ever asked if there was something wrong with me.

There has always been something inside me that isn’t right.

I may never have been right enough.

It is dangerous, they say. But they never know.

People kill without knowing.

Everybody could have saved me without knowing.

Maybe breathing is not the answer.

I could have done something, some people would say.

Crying for help is not an option.

It is never an option.

That’s why I die every day.

That’s why I died.

Sometimes small signs of evil can make a difference.

When I walk in the streets, I hear a desolate cry, but nobody hears it.

I used to think it would get better.

I cried really hard.

But nobody listened.

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