Blog #2 Family School Connection
Claudia Hernandez

Hi Claudia,

Thank you for your ideas on the family school connection. I really liked your ideas and you gave me some inspiration for how I would like my classroom to be also.

Open communication is something that I also feel is very important. I liked how you included multiple forms of communication for the parents to reach you. I especially like how you made a way for parents to talk to you face to face because I think that is a great way to connect with families. Another great idea you had was for parents to come to school and read to their children. This is a great way for parents to show that they care about their child’s literacy. However, what would you do with students whose parents are not able to come because they need to be at work? Maybe you could have it include grandparents, other family members or someone else in the child’s life? I do think that it could work though.

Overall, I enjoyed reading about your approach towards families. You also used very insightful resources that I am excited to read as well.

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