The Top 10 Albums of The 2010s

Pitchfork, the pretentious and overbearing music criticism site I can’t let go of my love for, just released their “Top 200 Albums of The Decade” list (and praise the lord, it’s one page not 20 to constantly click through just to get to a specific number!). Beyond the ridiculousness of the decade coming to a close, my first feeling was of deep, deep sympathy for the team that had to choose the 200 best albums from the best decade of music ever (hot take?), then thoughtful consideration of what my list would be. Not having a large team of staff writers and (probably unpaid) interns to write about 200 albums, I’ve decided to write about my favorite 10 albums of the last 10 years. It’s rather stunning the amount of life-changing, heartbreaking, and world-shaking music that has been released this decade, but I did my best to choose the 10 I think really represent the best this decade has to offer musically, culturally, and intellectually. Without any further ado:

Kolya Shields’ Top 10 Albums of the 2010s

10. LEGACY! LEGACY! — Jamila Woods, 2019


Wow. That was very hard to do. I can’t believe people are doing this for 200 albums. This is just one page of my planning; I can’t imagine the number of reams of paper that Pitchfork used.

Student, Writer, New England. Interests include Race, Gender, Sexuality, Literature, the Environment, Politics, Music, Art, and Ultimate Frisbee.

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