BTS and Halsey on stage at Billboard Music Awards
BTS and Halsey on stage at Billboard Music Awards
BTS and Halsey performing live at Billboards Music Awards. Source: Billboard

K-pop keeps trending all over the world with its catchy songs and unique performances. It keeps climbing on top of the world’s music charts and attracts new fans to Korean pop music and culture. But why?

K-pop music, with its fresh sound and unusual music approach, is an exciting genre to work on for music producers. If that has crossed your mind, and if you want to know more about how you can contribute to it, you are in the right place!

How did it all start?

K-pop has been slowly changing the music scene for a while. It all had started way before BTS collaborated with Nicki Minaj and Blackpink with Lady Gaga. Back in 2009, Wonder Girls and J.Y.Park made it to Billboard Hot 100 with their song Nobody. …

Blockchain technologies keep storming finances and other industries of the online world. Yes, it is practically a revolution, and it will soon enough change the world as we know it.

Being such a massive technological shift, it undoubtedly affects every industry, including the music industry. The music industry has been suffering from a chronic lack of transparency, piracy issues, unfair distribution of royalties for decades. If there is a solution to be found, then most likely it is blockchain.

Have you ever thought of what would the music production world look like if it was managed solely on the blockchain?

Here is how.

One of the main factors defining the concept of blockchain is that even though it is private, it is still transparent. This became possible due to the…

On October 31st, Le Fonti International featured Sean Jong, founder and CEO of blockchain-powered music collaboration platform K-Tune, that currently has an ongoing ICO on Eidoo Crowd.

The total hard cap for ICO is 12,750 ETH: Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency that can be used to invest funds in the project. The deadline to participate in the ICO is November 30th, 2019.
***Updated (06.2020): all official airdrop campaigns are over and distributed.

The K-Tune ICO currently has a 4.2 vote on ICO Holder and is rated as one of the best projects on ICO Bench at the moment.

The project involves the development of a music collaboration platform where musicians and global music producers can create new music with full copyright control and sell their tracks…

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the K-Tune project, blockchain music platform, has begun on October 30th, 2019.

K-Tune is a collaborative music platform that allows music producers from all corners of the world to form communities and actively collaborate to create new songs. K-Tune offers a variety of useful tools that can simplify the music-making process, including an open market (K-Tune Arena) and an online camp (K-Tune Camp). Besides, K-Masters, a team of established K-Pop producers lead by famous k-pop music producer Shinsadong Tiger, are available to assist, advise, and interact with the users.

An airdrop campaign of…

To celebrate the launch of the ICO on Eidoo, K-Tune is running an airdrop of 1 million tokens!

K-Tune will distribute a total of 1,000,000 tokens for a total value of about 100,000 USD.

Refer to this guide for a detailed manual on how to receive KTT tokens for free.

Make sure to download the Eidoo app here to access the airdrop.
***If the app is downloaded directly from the store, you won’t have access to the airdrop.

After downloading and installation, follow the instruction in the guide to be eligible for the distribution.

You will need to verify your identity as a private user, as KTT tokens will be distributed only to those who completed KYC tier…

K-Tune is a blockchain-powered platform for music producers. It was established in South Korea with a particular focus on the local k-pop market, but it is open to various music genres and artists from all over the world because as we all can agree, music has no boundaries.

K-pop is currently one of the fastest-growing music markets in the world. Although k-pop is Korean music by definition, in reality, it is a multigenre mix, as most of the k-pop songs are inspired by hip-hop, R&B, reggae, dance, rock, folk, and jazz.

The success of K-pop has been progressing over recent years, and now it is trending not only in South East Asia but also in Europe, North, and South America. …


Where everyone can become a hit producer, K-Tune is sharing its stories with you.

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