Half an hour left for 2016. WIll be even less when I finish posting this. A new year! Or another new year! Won’t be just another new year, personally speaking.

It is weird. Is it true what Hobbes says? The problem with future and all that?

Is Calvin the boy or the tiger? Who cares. The boy does not grow old, and years have passed by, isn’t it?

What is this fascination with marking time? We only remember life. There is no present or future. There is only us, manufacturing a past. A past that is good enough to reminisce about with a few loved ones. Or not. Going back to the annual lists. Sorting out the best. Ensuring that we did not or do not lose time on something that was not best.

To those who believe in it, have a good one.

The ones who don’t, well, you’re right.

Should end this with the obvious new year greeting.

But as Dr.Thackeray says with his guts in his hand, “This is it. This is all we are.”