What’s Your ‘Happy Place’?

A living room is many things to everyone. To me it resembles the feeling of home and youth that is so important to hold on to in adulthood. It reminds me of the carefree time before college, work, and responsibility. As a freshman in college, I just made the transition from living at home to living on my own with rent to pay, groceries to buy and dinner to make. It can be really stressful, that is why having a place to settle and feel at peace is much needed. I can imagine it is not just me as well, every year at the start of fall kids say goodbye to their parents and move out on their own, feeling the immediate pressures as I did. My living room is where I watch the bachelor while face-timing my mom so that we can still watch all the drama unfold together; or where I call my dad at halftime of the Arizona basketball game so that he can still complain about the refs from 400 miles away. My living room is where I relax after a Zumba workout, just like I did after basketball at my old home. It is where I carry out the things that make me feel like a kid again. It is so important to keep some of the old traditions that keep your childhood alive. They give any adult a much needed break from the stressful task of taking care of ourselves, especially people like me that are trying to figure it out for the first time.

The black leather hand me down couches, though sticky if you sit on them too long without moving, provide a comfortable place for any activity. The dresser filled with Xbox and Wii games and accessories, cords, and neglected DVDs (I mean who even watches those anymore). A large flat screen television gifted to us out of pure luck, and the record player sitting on an end table that is also filled with blankets. All of these elements contribute to an at home feeling. The patio through the glass sliding door looks out to the school apartments and the bus stop, allowing you to see people running to catch it, or disappointed because it filled up just two people ahead of them (if only they had elbowed their way to the front a little faster). The huge canvas pictures of one of the beaches near home, and the framed pictures bring happy memories from years past.

Everyone needs a place to relieve stress, their own living room no matter who you are. A big shot CEO needs this place just as much as a college student. It is an important part of becoming a responsible adult. Everyone has anxiety in their lives that can add up to a really stressful life. Finding your ‘happy place’ makes life a little easier, and a little happier. Take the time to do things that make you happy, or remind you of a carefree time. My living room is perfect for that purpose. Your ‘happy place’ might be a coffee shop, or a movie theater in your city, it can be a gym, field, arena, anywhere that relieves the pressures of your everyday life.

This place is great for many things, and they will be a little different for each person, but overall this place should relax you, remind you of your carefree childhood and give a break from the responsibilities of ‘adulting’ as I like to call it. It can be problematic if you want don’t want to relax though, the television remote can be quite a temptation. It’s not exactly an ideal study spot. Comfort and peace can be hard to come by sometimes, so find a place that you can feel it, I suggest a living room with comfy couches and blankets at your disposal!