This is my take as a single person on modern day dating..As I have been dipping my toes into this new scary venture of dating pool, I don’t understand how people do it?I feel like technology doesn’t help you go on dating sites and meet in person and people either completely lied on their profile or are glued to their phones. Tinder is something I won’t touch! POF can be hit or miss. Matched, zooks, ect. Meeting people in clubs and bars I don’t know. I am guilty myself of trying online dating. Call me old fashion but I miss the days of when you liked someone write them a note saying, “Hey, I like you…Your cute.” And saving the first kiss till the second date. When there was no hidden agendas and no pressure to go on a date. Cause lets be real for a minute we can all agree on these three topics; 1) No one wants to be rejected 2) No one wants to get hurt and 3) NO ONE IS PERFECT. If your searching for perfect, trust me you wont find it, everyone now a days is broken and flawed, so pick and chose what you can accept. Now with the help of society and social media there is to much pressure on what you expect to happen and what will mostly likely happen. There is so much pressure for women to act a certain way, look a certain way, and how a date will probably go. Guys have the pressure to look good and see who they might take home for the night. Its sad. You have guys who act like they are interested and are just looking for a hook up. You have girls also looking to hook up for a good time. Nothing wrong with that if that is what your looking for. I hate that in today's society it is completely acceptable for a guy to be like this and hook up with lots of girls, and be a fuckboy. But when a girl wants to even the playing field and play like guys do. She is a slut or thot! What?! Why maybe she is just doesn't want to be serious and is protecting herself from being hurt, by why consider her feelings or emotions. Maybe he has been hurt and can’t deal with his emotions. You have girls that think they are meeting a nice guy ends up just to be a hook up and then you sit there with regret like “How could I be so dumb?” your not being dumb. People can just be really shitty about their honest intentions. And we wonder why people these days have trust issues. We going in expecting one thing or hoping, and we get something completely different. Granted I know this is not always true. Why is being single have to be so complicated? Why can’t people just be completely honest? If your looking for a hook up just keep small talk to small talk and if you want something serious make it know that is what you are looking for. If you are looking for your soulmate good luck! I hope you find them. From my experiences so far you meet someone on these sites and try to start a conversation it goes one of two ways. “Hi, your cute.” “What are you doing?” “Want to come cuddle?” or “Hey! your cute.” “I’m looking for my soulmate, is it you?” What???? Hello where is the happy medium. Like “Hi! my name is ……” “Would you like to get to know each other?” And then actually try to get to know that person. I want to have a real conversation not have someone humor me and see if I might hook up with them. I am also not searching for my soulmate. Slow down life is short enjoy it. For me if I can keep conversation going with you and I agree to go on a date its because I think you nice and not a creep. Personally I’m not going to waste my time getting dolled up to go out for you to try to take me home. Not my intentions and why I left my house. For those that are honest and good, congrats! Don’t change! I feel like the dating world today ruins good guys and good girls. They get tired of hurt or looked over and they end up not trying to be good any more. If I have learned anything, The good ones are always worth waiting for. I am a true hopeless romantic and like to think chivalry isn't dead. I hope to find a happy medium in this crazy dating world. I don’t expect miracles, just quality conversations. My cynical side doesn’t believe in Prince Charmings, but wants all the dumb cute stuff I see in chick flicks. So to end my ranting blog, here is my advice. I do believe there is someone out there for everyone, no matter what your into. I hope and wish everyone luck in this new technology filled dating world. Don’t settle, stick to what you want and are willing to accept. To all the good girls out there like me: stay good! Don’t change who you are because your beautiful and you will find someone who wants you for you. To all good guy: Please never change! Keep searching, she is out there somewhere. And when you find her it will probably being amazing. Always stay true to yourself! Is LOVE real? Yes, just don’t be in a rush to find it. I leave you with a quote from Journey “Don’t Stop Believin.”

I’m new to blogging. I am random. I like to rant sometimes so sorry. I write about what I think or experience. Hoping to relate, inspire or reach out to people