What is love?

In lite of it being February and with Valentine's day around the corner what better to write about then love..What is love? How do you know when you found it? And who is anyone to tell you what it is? So….what is love? Is it the butterflies that you get in your stomach when you think of someone special? Is it when you pop your foot when getting you silly movie kiss? Or is it a euphoric feeling that your experience that makes you happy and feeling complete? It could be the feeling that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy like a basket full of kittens. It could be a feeling of passion like you just can’t get enough. Like listening to music for hours on end and never getting tired of the songs. Or finishing a good book you can’t put down because you will probably reread it. Why do some people search all their lives for it? Cause the truth is…everyone wants love. The way I view love it that love is something the is infinite. Love goes on even if the passion dies or people move on. Also I believe there are different types of love. Let me clarify…the love you have for your job (if you love your job) is different than something you love to do like cook. Love for your pet is different than love you have for a person. Love for family is different than the love you have for you special someone. I think sometimes now a days that we use the word love to casually or loosely. To me love comes in many forms but real can’t eat, can’t sleep love means way more. I also believe that love and the way it feels is different for each person. So how do we know when we have found love? Honestly as cliche as it sounds you just know. No one can hold all the secrets and answers…its just something you feel and it can be an undeniable feeling. Its like finding that missing puzzle piece. Or as my Mother likes to tell me “When you find that one person you just can’t live without, you’ll just know.” You can never force love and you should never rush it. When you do find it cherish it…because sometimes it doesn’t last. Sometimes as good as love can be we fall out of love, like you did with your designer shoes you just had to have. Sometimes you can outgrow it, like your favorite stuff animal as a little kid. Sometimes you have to rediscover it like, like you do with yourself from time to time. If you experience any of that your NOT a failure!! Just sometimes these is a real possibility and it happens. Nobody loves exactly like the person next to them. Therefore no one can tell you what love is. Not your parents, not the media, not books its just something you feel and experience. So I ask again, What is love? Is it the stuff we see in movies and read in books. I don’t know! But when you find it you will just know.

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