Questions for Virginia!

Hi, my name is Kara, and I decided to take this class because I thought it would be interesting to see how the Internet affects our lives. I use the internet as much as the next person does, and I was wondering if certain connotations about internet use are true, such as “does the internet really make us dumber?” or “are our lives being made easier so much by the Internet so that we’re becoming increasingly lazier?”

So far it’s been a series of very interesting classes in which I got to see different sides of such arguments be presented and gave me opinions to think about how the Internet has affected my life. I went into this class thinking the internet makes us dumber and I should be reading more books. Many digerati’s works we have studied have given me viewpoints that challenge my opinions.

You say that the internet is a piece of artwork. Often we look over the creative aspects of the internet’s building block and focus on the technological aspect. Every time we create a new phenomenon of the internet, previous creations are destroyed in the process. This is the magic and loss of the internet. The internet is a work in progress. We can live in a moment of brilliance, but it ultimately will be pushed out of the spotlight as the next creation takes its place.

I agree with you; there will never be one perfect app or program. Technology is increasing rapidly and there will always be something bigger or faster.

However, my question for you is do you think the magic or the loss of the internet is better? Do you think its better that the internet is progressing at such a fast rate or do you think it was better back in time, when talking on the phone was a more personal experience than commenting on Instagram where everyone can see it?

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