My Happiness Is My Responsibility

In life it is necessary to lead a life of happiness. Man is born to enjoy both happiness and sorrow. Life is a journey from birth to death. It is essential in life to have faith in God. Without prayer to God there cannot be any happiness. Happiness cannot be got just through money, Bungalow and all these material things. Money is temporary. Today I may have hundreds of rupees. Tomorrow the entire money may be spent. But love and affection is something which is very important in life. We can conquer the world with the weapon of Love. Why there is no peace in Iraq, Many African countries. It is because there is hardheartedness towards fellow human beings just in the name of religion. Through love and affection, maybe we become an responsible person or we can attain peace and inner happiness.

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. — “Eleanor Roosevelt”

It was a time when I blamed every person at every time. Mostly I came up with lame excuses, distracted by circumstances or challenges that I face. I always made excuses such as (other fellow takes a long time, and he’s slow. When the other fellow doesn’t do it, he’s lazy, I don’t do it, and I’m busy). At that time, I thought by making excuses I will get my any task. But with the passage of time I learned about work ethics and when I came university I joined the Debating Club and improve myself day and night by working with management team and also watched the motivational speeches like Qasim Ali Shah. But now when I think about my past I feel guilty inside and also think blaming others for our behavior is a waste of time because no matter how much fault I find in others and regardless of how much I blame someone, it will not change me.

So through the journey of negative thinking to positive I learned a lot like how to identify the happiness, responsibility, positive hope, self- confidence, meaningful living and especially about gift of love in life.

“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.” — “W Clement Stone”

I learnt 5 steps of Happiness by Shawn Anchor.

1. Gratitude: Write down three new things you are grateful for each day into a blank word document

2. Journaling: Write for 2 minutes a day describing one positive experience you had over the past 24 hours. This is a strategy to help transform you from a task-based thinker, to a meaning based thinker who scans the world for meaning instead of endless to-dos. This dramatically increases work happiness.

3. Exercise for 10 minutes a day: This trains your brain to believe your behavior matters, which causes a force of success throughout the rest of the day.

4. Meditate for 2 minutes, focusing on your breath going in and out. This will help you undo the negative effects of multitasking. Research shows you get multiple tasks done faster if you do them one at a time. It also decreases stress and raises happiness.

5. Kindness: Write one, quick email first thing in the morning thanking or praising a member on your team. This significantly increases your feeling of social support, which in my study at Harvard was the largest predictor of happiness for the students.

If I follow this formula, I can turn happiness into a success advantage, raising kindness and educational outcome. I must start by doing one of these habits. And once and for all, stop myself and others from saying, “I’ll be happy when…” because that formula is broken my creativity. But there is a better one: happiness leads to greater success.

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