Kaaba Yahaya
Dec 20, 2019 · 3 min read


I have been with Pynk for a couple of months and I owe them a great deal to write about them. You must be wondering, WHAT IS PYNK? Well, hold on.

Are you an investor or a trader? How often do you invest and or trade? I can tell you from experience, it’s never easy trading alone and making the maximum impact. If you agree with me, then PYNK is your solution.

PYNK is the world’s first People Powered Investment platform and a new investment model for everyday investors. they use the ‘Crowd Wisdom’ system which combines the crowd, experts and A.I. to make smarter investment decisions.

The wisdom of crowds refers to the concept that predictions and forecasting by large groups of people are more accurate than those done by individuals, thus revealing a collective intelligence.

This implies that with Pynk, you are no longer a LONER, you become a PYNKSTER.

The underlying philosophy of make Pynk makes it a great project.

There are three key components of Pynk which excites me.

1. Community Engagement

The Pynk crowd has grown over the years and it is important to note the level of diversity in the crowd. Diversity of opinion is key for me because the multiplicity of voices assembled by the wisdom of the crowd distinguishes it from the alternative decision-making process. The community members, known as Pynksters, make predictions independent of each other and that is in line with our philosophy. Pynk wants autonomous predictions from unique predictors whose predictions are not influenced by the opinions of their compatriots within Pynk. Pynk has built its forum which allows Pynksters to interact and share ideas on topics of interest.

2. Education

The forum also educates Pynksters but I am waiting of launch of the Pynk Academy. It’s going to be a place resourced with all you need to know about Pynk, investment and the world of business. The beta of some information about Pynk in the Pynk-epedia section. This effort is being made by Pynk to ensure that its members have all the requisite information before making investment decisions.

3. Investment

This the primary activity of Pynk and it will interest you to know that Pynk knows no boundaries. Pynk uses the information from its members, a team of experts and its artificial intelligence call rose to analyse and make prudent investment decisions. No matter your country or region, you can invest in pynk. The starting investment amount is so little that everyone can afford it. There is zero tolerance for financial discrimination when it comes to Pynk. Don’t have money to invest, no problem. head over to the beta.pynk platform and start making predictions on the available assets and get rewarded with Wisdom Points (WP’s). these points are converted to Pynk shares quarterly and can be redeemed at any time.

Pynk allows you to open your mind to new and diverse ways of looking at the world. Not only is it to be fun and enlarging, but it is also better. It is going to make you better at predicting what lies ahead.

So I would like to know, DO YOU WANT TO BE A PYNKSTER OR A LONER?

Website: https://www.pynk.io/

Forum: community.pynk.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pynk_io


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