The Founding Letter

The Foundation

When building anything, hackathon projects, prototypes, relationships, side projects, skyscrapers, or simply a company, one component is crucial to it all — The Foundation. Before building anything, the fundamental step in the process is the first one, which is to have a road map, a plan, an understanding on how one pursues the greater vision. As an aspiring company, KaamLo envisions itself to be built upon some core foundations. As such, these foundations build up not only the company, but also validate the impact that the company aspires to have on the world. It all starts on a micro level, from city to state to country to the world. The core foundations KaamLo aspires to build upon are The Perspective, The Culture, The Vision, and purely The Hustle.

The Perspective

Open. Simply Open. With a constantly changing world, with new people, new thoughts, new views, and new ideas, it is crucial to be open to accepting the new, adjusting the old, and publishing the innovated. There is a certain lack of optimism and openness to think big, think in the now, and act in the now, which sets people behind in the past. KaamLo aspires to adapt an open-minded perspective to ensure that we learn, develop, and grow in an innovative fashion.

Innovation is theleg of perspective which holds tremendous importance in the scheme of all things at KaamLo. We aspire to constantly innovate with new ideas, projects, prototypes, and finally published products. By integrating the open-minded perspective, innovation becomes easier to adapt to multiple new strategies, which we hope will ultimately bring our best hustle.

With a close mind, progress gets halted, innovation stops, and limits are put. KaamLo aspires to keep it open, never stop progress, accelerate the innovation, and never set limits.

The Culture

Great relationships, great teams, and great products are nurtured through great culture. At KaamLo, we firmly believe that culture has a major role to play in producing the best. We aspire to build a culture which promotes the growth of others around us, a culture which considers others before ourselves, and a culture which keeps in mind that relationships and bonds are more important than a few figures on a paycheck.

Building good culture is absolutely necessary because we value human life and connection above everything. There may be moments in time, which will easily be forgotten when things are rough, challenges are complicated, and chaos gets heated; however, with the strong culture of a positive mindset, and a calm approach to every situation, the people at KaamLo look to move forward as one. Individuals to teams to departments to the company, KaamLo aspires to build a connection among everyone at every level.

The Vision

The journey is more important than the destination. The destination will obviously take multiple directions throughout the duration of the journey; however, the journey will better help define the destination. KaamLo aspires to build for a purpose, and without a great destination, the purpose of KaamLo would be lost. The journey and its twists and turns all add to the definition of KaamLo.

At KaamLo, we aim to build products and services which have a lasting impact on people around the globe. While initially our market will be small, we aim to grow our impact out to everyone on the globe and beyond. Our core product aims to connect people based on crowd-sourced events and ultimately provide a platform for people to better connect with each other. We hope to give social media a new definition, and spur our own market with technological disruptive ideas/products.

The Hustle

One thing is for certain, if there is no work (hustle), there is no product. If there is no product, there is no user. If there is no user, there is no impact. And if there is no impact, then we have failed at our core purpose — to change the world for the better.

Hustle is something we aspire to embrace as a means to obtain steps to achieve our purpose. KaamLo aspires to be a place where work is no longer work, but it is the hustle which is a driving force in the tasks that need to be accomplished. KaamLo aims to remove the term “work” from the dictionary. We aspire to create a team and company which is more focused on hustling out of true love for what we do, and aim to never get caught on the minor hiccups that some challenges will pose. We also love to recognize breaking boundaries and the “system”, which entails recognizing pure talent and hustle. Practicality of experience and knowledge will overcome substance-less theoretical bases.

There are many shapes and forms of hustle, and everyone has different viewpoints on how they should hustle. KaamLo aspires to garner and respect the hustle of everyone in the world, and hope that the hustle doesn’t bind you to just the “9–5” structure. We are more open to greater breaks, insightful gatherings, and more hustling outside of the scope. Work-life balance is respected, but we aim to instill a purpose-bound constant-hustle perspective whether that mean thinking about strategy, outlining implementation, or creating ideas outside of the scope of the work environment.

Contact The Lead

As leader, future CEO, and aspiring entrepreneur, I, Heran Patel, am pleased to offer you the foundations by which KaamLo aims to be founded upon. With an open perspective, empathetic culture, limitless vision, and pure hustle, I aim to build a structure upon which we will have a positive impact on the world. If you would like to learn more, you can contact me at

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