Freeflow: A talent platform purpose-built for Web3

Kaan Eren
3 min readMay 18, 2022

Work in Web3 is different. It’s based on projects rather than jobs and driven by communities rather than companies, birthing a new paradigm of project-based work. The need for a new model is glaringly evident just by looking at the sorts of problems that crypto projects face when trying to hire freelance Web3 developers within the confines of the existing model; including but not limited to:

  • 👤💰Scammers A freelancer may take the pre-payment and disappear, or clients may not pay after the work is done, since transactions are outside the traditional financial system.
  • 👁👄👁 Anonymity Digital identities are used, making prior reputations inaccessible and vetting individuals nearly impossible.
  • ⌛Delays For a financial transaction, there would be a need for a bank transfer or a money transfer service, paving the way to extra banking fees and delays.
  • Fees Employers have to pay for their project to be placed at the top of the feed with the traditional freelancer platforms, which do not have the vetted talent base they’re looking for.

Only Web3 can solve such Web3 native problems. Cryptocurrencies not only help avoid delays related to bank transfers, red tape and high taxes, but there is also an inherent trust built in the process through a smart contract based escrow that allows Freeflow to prevent scamming as work gets done.

Plug in a Web3 native talent discovery platform to solve it all

Freeflow helps crypto projects connect with talented blockchain developers quickly and securely. By having access to the largest vetted talent base of highly sought-after Rust & Solidity developers, the platform acts as a medium of trust between the projects and developers, providing payment and project security, in turn achieving a higher take-rate compared to alternative freelancing platforms.

Showcasing their ability of supporting developer communities and managing their talent bases for them, Freeflow has struck official partnerships with some of the most popular developer education communities such as HashLips (c.26,000 members), CryptoDevHub (c.6,000 members) and Cryptodevs (c.18,000 members), vetting these communities’ talent bases and enabling them to get verified and secure work.

The developer adoption so far has been nothing short of amazing due to Freeflow’s ability to find quality work and ensure that developers are compensated with their desired currency or even in project equity (institutionalizing a popular way of procurement for crypto startups). Freeflow has had over 1,000 developer applications and engaged with over 1,500 project leaders on its platform.

Traditional competitors are playing a different ball-game

It is impossible for non-Web3 native competitors to serve either side of the market as there are differentiated tech, payment, and anonymity requirements posed by market participants. The concentration of these qualities in Freeflow has already attracted a large ecosystem of participants, and with it a unique competitive advantage.

On the other hand, Web3 talent just loves Freeflow! (all unsolicited testimonials)

Complementary founder quartet have been quick to scale their operations with limited resources

The founding team (Berk, Derin, Lydia, Ramiro) has a unique mix of technical and execution skills, as they were quick to launch the business at the end of 2021 and relentless in achieving the eye-popping WoW growth in their operations. As a lifelong Beatles fan, special points go to them for picking a yellow submarine for their logo, which in my interpretation is a metaphor for finding gems deep underwater (“the submarine”) and for there being a sunny side to everything (“the yellow”).

It is our utmost belief that Freeflow will become THE talent marketplace for Web3 projects by laying the foundation for a network of “web3 gig workers” and satellite markets/tools continue to materialize around that concept.

Welcome to the 500 Family guys!! #500Strong #Keepitreal #Keepit500