Is Prevention physical therapy or is it a witch thing?


Think about what it means to PREVENT something. By chance, reading this word, did you associate the “something” to something bad? Did your brain do associations with other actions such as PROTECT, for example? Did you remember a popular saying regarding being safe or sorry??

Well, the links are usually those, so that, if we look in the dictionary we will find some of the following definitions: a concern to avoid any harm; is a primary action that precedes the other in order to avoid bad consequences of a secondary action.

Reading these definitions, did you note that the “PRE” prefix was repeated a few times? PREvent, PREcede, PREoccupation (concern). This anticipatory pattern that repeats itself when it comes to prevention, “PRE-seeing” that something bad can happen, will always be present when the aim of any action is associated with caring about either you or others. Thus, it is normal to go through situations like: looking at a cloudy sky, feel safe to say that it is predicting rain without being called a witch or psychic. After all, there is strong visible evidence of wind and lightning, indicating that yes, at any time it may rain.

Well then, for a Physical Therapist to predict that something bad can happen to each persons body at any time is not different. What changes for us is that our eyes are often transferred to the tips of our fingers and just “seeing” a little beyond what we see with our own eyes.

As we touch people and feel the muscle tension in certain muscles, we also feel safe in stating that, at any time, a person can develop a herniated disc, another can start a migraine attack or others suffer from bruxism and pain when eating hard foods without telling us anything, among other PREdictions.

Are we, Physical Therapists, cursing our patients? Practicing witchcraft? Would we be Phsychic?

No! We are just good visible, audible and tactile evidence researchers and human body observers.