Introducing Atdaa IOS App (Alpha Version)

Hola todos!

If you’re reading this, you are probably one of our super-awesome testers who have the privilege to use the first release of Atdaa IOS App! Thanks for being with us, and helping us build this great platform. YAY! 🚀 😻 🎉

We’ve been working around-the-clock to be able to get the alpha version out and have you test it. We strongly believe that we’re up to something special! Working on our app makes us feel great, and with your support, we’re going to nail this and create an amazing social platform for spotting great places and experiences.

We wanted to briefly explain what we’re building and tell you about the works of Atdaa. Perhaps, that’d help us communicate how we’re envisioning the experience on our platform and get your feedback in the best possible way.

First, here’s our vision in a nutshell:

We want you to be able to find the best experiences near you, on-the-go. By “best experiences”, we mean things you already love doing OR would totally love to do. We want to help you filter the city and see only the best things.

In this first version of our app, we’re not implementing the social part, which means that this version is not going to let you follow each other, yet. However, we’re giving you a similar feeling by sharing things that Kaan (me) liked in Buenos Aires. When you install the app, you get Kaan’s real-time data and make it your own. You can edit, keep, or delete his notes & tags. It’s all up to you. It’s all your data, your changes won’t affect Kaan’s data at all.

For now, we are focusing on gathering the things you’ve already experienced and want to keep track of. With Atdaa, we are going to help you filter out your places on the map and help you make a decision when you want to figure out “where to get a great cocktail, where to drink an tasty cappuccino, where to listen to your favorite jazz music, etc.” without a hassle.

Soon, we’re going to release the social features where all of you, the super-awesome testers, will be able to follow each other and see each others’ favorite places for cocktails, coffee, beers, etc. 🥃 🍷 🍕 🍭 🌮 🍻

Alrighty, without further ado, I’ll explain the works of Atdaa:

Sign up:

Create account button will take you to two options: Creating an account with Facebook or email address. Facebook is a faster process.

Default screen:

After you allow the app use your location and send you notifications you’ll land on the default map view with default data (Kaan’s places) that comes with it. There won’t be anything highlighted on the map since you haven’t selected any filters.

Adding a place:

You can go ahead and add your favorite places. We only have these categories at the moment: Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Coffee, DJ, Food, Live Music, Other Drinks, Tea. Just click on the add place button.

The search screen gives you “Places Nearby” in case you’re tagging a place that you’re at. This way, you don’t need to search for it.

So, let’s say we’re adding our favorite stuff about All Saints Cafe in Belgrano. Hit Add Place button or + button.

Click on the category you want to add items to, then pick your items, add notes, if you have any then click the back button once you’re done.

Filtering the map for tagged places:

On default map view, click on one of the + icons and add any category you’d like to search for (you can search for one or more things at the same time).

In this case, let’s search for best beer places (with no preference).

As you can see, all of the tagged places show up on the map. Zoom in and tap on any of them to see the details about that place:

Tap on the icon, then quick view card to get to the detail page.

Edit Place button will take you to the tagging flow where you can change the tags. For food notes, you can also tap on the note and get to the edit screen. (below)

Deleting filter icons:

When you want to delete one of the filters, just tap and hold on the icon until the trash can shows up on the right side of the bar. Then, drag it to the trash can and it will be gone.

Bonus: Deleting filters at once

On the adding a new filter screen (the one that shows up with you click on an icon or + icon), you’ll see a trash can on the right side of the bar. Tapping on it will prompt you the modal screen asking for confirmation to trash all of the icons at once.

If you’d like to delete all the filters at once. Just tap on the trash icon.

That’s it chicos!! This is how Atdaa alpha version works. We’re going to reach out to you soon to ask some specific questions regarding your experience with the app. Meanwhile, feel free to play with it to see it yourself. Don’t forget to add your favorite places..

..I also want to share my appreciation to our team members. It’s been an amazing ride so far while building this app with my beloved team mates. I’d love to mention them here. Fede, Vero, and Paul; you guys have been working your ass off to get this thing out! Thank you for all your quality work and admiration. I also want to mention our team mates back in Istanbul, Kenan and Kader. You guys helped build one of the greatest blog platforms about Istanbul and the Turkish culture—

Bye for now.

Nos vemos!