Gerrymandering’s Paralyzing Effect: HB2
Graig Meyer

North Carolinians are not being represented by the current leadership in Raleigh — plain and simple. When people realize they’re being taken for a ride they never bought a ticket for — when they lose their job or their health care; when they suffer a gunshot wound or worse because of our lax laws; when our universities are considered backwards instead of Crown Jewels; when our beloved basketball is sent to NYC; when the public education we rely on for our children is threatened; when our vote is treated as a privilege and not a right; when the color of our skin or our faith is used to legislate suppression and oppression and when they realize the core values of our NC and US Constituions and democracy are being trampled, maybe — just maybe — we can quickly return North Carolina to the welcoming, strong, forward-looking state we still are underneath all of the ugly. GOP leaders despise the very idea of democracy. Let’s make them pay for it with our votes.

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